Advanced Cloud Telephony
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Serve Customers on their preferred channels like Voice, Email, SMS, Web-Chat, and Social media.


Experience on the fly integrations with Agent toolbars & pre-built connectors for leading third-party CRM’s( Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Leadsquared) and Case Management Solutions(Zendesk, FreshDesk)


Route all customer interactions across voice, email, chat and social through one channel routing engine for a seamless and consistent customer service ensuring each customer interaction reaches the best available resource.


Provide easy and effective Self-service IVR options for basic customer queries saving customer time and effort. Automate Chat interactions with intelligent personalized Chatbot to serve FAQ’s and mundane queries.


We provide solutions according to our Customer needs. On-premise, Public Cloud, Private cloud or Hybrid deployments. We got it covered.

Feature Rich Solution

So, move beyond silos and align your organization to achieve the shared goal of superior customer service.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Intelligently automate inbound call distribution to route customer support queries to the best-suited agent according to type of information required, agent availability and agent skill-set.

Skill-based Routing

Connect each customer to the best suited agent available for interaction. Enhanced skill based routing with the provision of a smart scheduler helps inbound call centers to identify longest idle agents with higher accuracy.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Integrate your IVR with your crm to enable self-service for the customers and in case of further assistance, make sure right customer reaches the right agent at the right time.

Single-Click Dial

Our Single-Click Dial feature enables your agents to reach the customers of different call lists on your CRM as per the priority set by your managers and team leaders. This feature negates the need to manually enter the numbers to connect to a prospective customer.

On-Screen Customer Profile

The On-Screen Customer Profile display auto-populates the information and call history of every customer who your agent connects with – be it inbound or outbound call. This equips your agents with .relevant information regarding the customer and helps them resolve their queries quicker, leading to better customer satisfaction.

Auto Dial

Get dialed automatically through Auto dialer by getting numbers from a list and connect the customer to a live agent once the call has been answered. Eliminate the agent physical effort and maximizes their productivity.

Build on the Customer Profile

This feature enables the agent to take call notes while on call with the customer in real-time and saves it on your CRM. This can help agents build on the Customer Profile, which can be used to track past conversations through the On-Screen Customer profile when in conversation with the customer.

Efficient Call Disposition

Our Efficient Call Disposition feature enables agents to capture the outcome of the calls accurately through pre-set disposition codes. This not only enables accurate data analysis and but also helps plan the future course of action for each customer.

Sticky Agent

Let your customer Stop explaining their query every time to different agents. Connect your customer automatically to their last spoken agent and let them know their query status quickly and feel satisfied. Enhances the customer satisfaction by feeling that their query been noticed and providing faster resolution to their query. Feature helps to reduce the call hold time as it is directly connected to the same agent with whom he has spoken to recently.

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